Family Worship Guide // Week Of April 8th through April 13th, 2024

Sample Family Worship

Pray, Fighter Verse, Catechism, Read, Discuss, Sing, Pray

This Week

 FV: Ephesians 2:8-10  ||  NCC: Q14  ||  SONG: "Bless The Lord, O My Soul (Psalm 103)"

Daily Studies


Scripture Passage: Luke 12:22-31

Discussion Question: Why should we not be anxious?


Scripture Passage: 1 Samuel 3:10-14

Discussion Question: What does the Lord plan to do to Eli and his household?


Scripture Passage: Luke 13:18-19

Discussion Question: What does Jesus compare the kingdom of God with?


Scripture Passage: 1 Samuel 10:17-24

Discussion Question: Where did the Israelites find Saul?


Scripture Passage: Luke 14:1-6

Discussion Question: Why is it lawful for Jesus to heal people on the Sabbath?


Scripture Passage: Isaiah 55:1-13

Discussion Question: How does creation respond to God's creation?